Saturday, June 11, 2011

Something Special (Installment 4): "Trollhunter"

One of the biggest tragedies of modern film is that despite a broader spectrum of choices than have been available to film goers at any other time in history, few people would even consider venturing to an "art" theater instead of the local Googleplex-Cinema to see the latest Robots-vs-Zombies (featuring female nudity!) formula film.  Which is why films like this one, which looks quirky and strange and off-kilter and kind of amazing, are considered successful if a few serious film sites feature them and a couple hundred thousand American viewers catch on to the "craze" to create a cult following.  You don't have to see this movie (though, I think you'll want to after you watch this trailer), but go see something in an art theater that you haven't seen advertised to death on TV, buses, billboards and Slurpee cups.  You might enjoy yourself.

P.S.  More fun posts coming soon--it's time for some ever-controversial lists.

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