Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something Special (Installment 2): "Movie Bar Code" Artwork

Thanks to for pointing this site out; I'm just passing it along to everyone else because I think it's pretty cool (and I think they need to get prints up for sale so I can buy some).  This "something special" is especially for cinephiles.  The site's creators (It's technically a blog, I guess) have found a way to somehow visually compress every frame of a film into a single strip of an ongoing image.  When taken together, they create a rather striking composite image that gives a picture of the overall color palate of a film, as well as a visual representation of the film's chronological/linear structure in some cases (note for example how "The Wizard of Oz" starts off in off-browns due to the deteriorated quality of the black and white imagery before turning to other muted colors).  In any case, many of them are framably beautiful, like the moviebarcode version of the already gorgeous "Pan's Labyrinth":

The site is espeically fun for those (like me) who are huge fans of visually striking or inventive films and directors.  For those who have seen the breathtaking film "Hero" and recall its excessively loud and brilliant use of color, the moviebarcode result is a color coded road map to the entire plot (and a gorgeous result to boot):

Check it out for yourself; the movies covered so far range from "Raging Bull" to "The Matrix" to several of this year's best picture nominees and independent films.  It's a fun diversion and will be worth checking back on as they add to their collection.  I highly recommend checking out "Tron", "The Proposition", "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford", "Apocalypse Now", and "Moon".

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