Friday, January 14, 2011

Something Special (Installment 1): "Man in a Blizzard"

This is a new segment I literally just came up with to categorize this little oddity I stumbled across today. I won't be doing regular installments of "Something Special", but I'll certainly use it to highlight other treasures like this that don't fit neatly into the preconceived categories I dabble in on the site (films, music, books--honest I'll review on soon, etc). The link will take you to Roger Ebert's summary of this gorgeous 4-minute short film shot during the blizzard that hit New York over Christmas. It's full of sublime black and white imagery, subtle editing and set to the perfect musical accompaniment. It's a beautiful seashell on the rock-strewn shore of YouTube and other garbage video sites. Watch for yourself; maybe it's not as mesmerizing as I think it is, but if you have time to watch another video of some kid french kissing concrete right after his skateboard introduces them to each other, then you certainly have time to watch something like this. I tried embedding but the widescreen format was cut off by the page layout, so

Watch it Here


  1. Is it great because it was shot in a blizzard and edited quickly, or is it great because it is an homage to a silent film from 1929?

    Side note: It caught my interest from 2:06-3:00.

  2. I'm not familiar with the film Ebert mentions but I think it's just a gorgeous looking piece of amateur art. There's not enough of that that gets attention.